free fallin chords

Free Fallin Chords | How To Play Free Fallin On Guitar By Tom Petty

In this lesson were going to cover Tom Petty’s classic Free Fallin and this song is all about the strumming pattern, because the chords and the chord changes are repetitively easy. You really must watch the guitar lesson video to get a idea how the rhythm and timing goes…

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bad moon rising chords

Bad Moon Rising Chords | How To Play Bad Moon Rising By CCR

In this guitar lesson were going to cover a fantastic 60’s classic Bad Moon Rising by Creedance Clearwater Revival. This is the 3 chord trick type of song, but don’t let it foul you…The chord changes and the strumming patterns are fast so watch them…

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country roads chords

Country Roads Chords | How To Play Country Roads By John Denver

In this lesson we are going to learn a country lesson, John Denver’s classic Country Roads. This may take some to practice especially if your not used to changing through the basic chords. Originally recorded using a finger picking pattern in this lesson we are going strum the country roads using a Down-Down-Up-Down-Up pattern…

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time of your life chords

Time Of Your Life Chords | How To Play Time Of Life By Green Day

In this lesson were going to cover a Green Day classic from the 90’s and that is Time Of Your Life. Although the original has a 2nd guitar part that highlights picking patterns we are just going to focus on the basic strumming pattern so we can change quickly from one chord to the next. The strumming pattern consists of Down-Down-Up- Up-Down-Up…

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whiskey in the jar chords

Whiskey In The Jar Chords | How To Play Whiskey In The Jar By Thin Lizzy

In this lesson were going to cover Thin Lizzy’s classic Whiskey In The Jar. Although there is plenty of lead parts in the song to learn to make it authentic today we are going to focus on the rhythm sections…

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everybody hurts chords

Everybody Hurts Chords | How To Play Everybody Hurts By R.E.M

In this guitar lesson your going to learn R.E.M’s classic everybody hurts. For this to play your going to have to use alternate picking pattern which down-up. Also watch the timing and rhythm for this song as it is 6/8 time signature…

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chasing cars chords

Chasing Cars Chords | How To Play Chasing Cars On Guitar By Snow Patrol

In this song and guitar lesson your going to learn snow patrol’s classic chasing cars. This song works on two guitar techniques for beginners, strumming and picking. To learn the picking properly watch the video and download the guitar tablature below…

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zombie chords

Zombie Chords | How To Play Zombie By The Cranberries On Guitar

This is one of the easiest songs your going to learn on the guitar because the zombie chords are so easy to play. In this version you don’t need to play anymore than 2 fingers per chord, while keeping the same strumming pattern as you learn…

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