boulevard of broken dreams chords

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams Chords | How To Play boulevard of broken dreams By Greenday

In this guitar lesson your going to learn boulevard of broken dreams chords and strumming patterns by Green day. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams is taken from the 2004 album American Idiot, Greenday also won a grammy award with this song in 2006. Make sure the chords are clean and you use the correct strumming patterns throughout…

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guitar scales

Guitar Scales | Your First 3 Scales To Learn – Lead Guitar Basics

This lesson is a fantastic introduction to learn lead guitar and is the basis of becoming a great musician and that is learning guitar scales. In this lesson going to learn 3 specific guitar scales are E Minor pentatonic Scale(Open), G Major Scale(Open) and G Major Scale (E Shape). All is explain on the guitar lesson video…

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smoke on the water tab

Smoke On The Water Tab | How To Play The Smoke On The Water Guitar Riff

In this lesson your going to learn with of the greatest riffs of all time and first piece of music I ever learnt on the guitar. This guitar riff is Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple, this is taken from there 1972 album “Machine Head”…

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merry christmas everybody chords

Merry Christmas Everybody Chords | How To Play Merry Christmas Everybody By Slade

In this lesson your going to learn a christmas classic by Slade, Merry Christmas Everybody. This song was recorded in 1985 and has re-released consistently since then. Merry Christmas Everybody chords are quite difficult and uses slashes chords as well as power chords and open chords….

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jingle bells chords

Jingle Bells Chords | How To Play Jingle Bells On Guitar

In this lesson your going a learn christmas classic on guitar “Jingle bells”. I have also transcribed the melody on guitar so you can play along on the video, it’s actually a fantastic introduction to lead guitar and its fun to play, have a go.

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whiskey in the jar solo

Whiskey In The Jar Tab | How To Play The Whiskey In The Jar Guitar Solo

In this lesson your going to learn the whiskey in the jar solo the “Thin Lizzy” version taken from the album entitled “Vagabonds of the western world” which was recorded in 1973. It’s very important that you watch the video thoroughly because this is a very difficult lead guitar solo….

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thinking out loud chords

Thinking Out Loud Chords | How To Play Thinking Out Loud On Guitar By Ed Sheeran

In today’s lesson your going to learn the biggest hit of 2014, Ed Sheeran’s classic “Thinking Out Loud”. Ed won the grammy award for record of the year and there is some lovely chordal ideas to get your teeth in. Although you can play thinking out loud chords without a capo I prefer to play this song on Capo 2…

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Sugar Chords | How To Play Sugar On Guitar By Maroon 5

In todays lesson your going to learn Maroon 5’s 2014 hit Sugar. This song is taken from the 2014 album entitled “V”. This is not a beginner guitar lesson guitar lesson so take your time with the chords because there is some complicated chords which includes power chords, major 7 chords and minor 7 chords…Really fun to play once you can join all the chords together…

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i really like you chords

I Really Like You Chords | How To Play I Really Like On Guitar

In this lesson your going to learn one of the biggest hits of 2015 called “I Really Like You” by Carly Rae Jepsen. This song is taken from her album Emotion and also featured Tom Hanks in the music video. To play I really Like You chords you must be able to play barre chords to play this song correctly…

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hey there delilah chords

Hey There Delilah Chords | How To Play Hey There Delilah By Plain White T’S On Guitar

In this guitar lesson your going to learn Plain White T’s 2005 classic “Hey There Delilah” taken from there album entitled “all that we needed”. This is a song that is fully dedicated to finger picking, although you can play the song with pick, its not advised. In the guitar lesson James goes through each section in detailed, so it would be advised to learn the song via the video lesson…

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