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perfect chords

Perfect Chords | How To Play Perfect On Guitar By Ed Sheeran

Learn Perfect chords and lyrics by Ed Sheeran taken from his 2017 album Divine. The chords are pretty straight forward in G Major, D Major, E Minor and C Major although Take care with the strumming and the time signature which is a 6/8 (slow waltz)…

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photograph chords

Photograph Chords | How To Play Photograph On Guitar By Ed Sheeran

In this lesson your going to learn Ed Sheeran’s great pop song Photograph taken from his 2014 album entitled “X”. Although there is various ways you can play this song, I’ve chosen to keep it as simplistic as possible for you using both open and barre chords combined.

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thinking out loud chords

Thinking Out Loud Chords | How To Play Thinking Out Loud On Guitar By Ed Sheeran

In today’s lesson your going to learn the biggest hit of 2014, Ed Sheeran’s classic “Thinking Out Loud”. Ed won the grammy award for record of the year and there is some lovely chordal ideas to get your teeth in. Although you can play thinking out loud chords without a capo I prefer to play this song on Capo 2…

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a team chords

A Team Chords | How To Play A Team By Ed Sheeran On Guitar

In this guitar lesson were going to learn Ed Sheeran’s first big hit, A Team. There is 5 chords all together and uses mostly the same strumming pattern, which is Down-Down-Up-Down-Up…To get the right feel watch the video guitar lesson to get the right rhythm and timing…

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