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first cut is the deepest chords

First Cut Is The Deepest Chords | How To Play First Cut Is The Deepest By Sheryl Crow

In this guitar lesson were going to learn Sheryl Crow’s version of First Cut Is The Deepest. The song is in the key of D Major and uses a combination of both strumming and picking ideas…

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let your love flow chords

Let Your Love Flow Chords | How To Play Let Your Love Flow On Guitar

Performance Notes For Let Your Love Flow Chords In this guitar lesson were going to learn a Bellamy Brothers classic, let your love flow. One of the most difficult beginner guitar songs, but if you watch the video and follow the lesson you should get the feel and the timing of song ok. The chords…

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peaceful easy feeling chords

Peaceful Easy Feeling Chords | How To Play Peaceful Easy Feeling By The Eagles

In this lesson your going to learn one of The Eagles Biggest hits and one that’s relatively straight forward on the guitar and that is peaceful easy feeling. The strumming is straight forward throughout and uses the Down-Down-Up-Down-Up pattern…

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knockin on heavens door chords

Knockin On Heavens Door Chords | How To Play Knockin On Heavens Door By Bob Dylan

In this guitar were going to learn Knockin On Heavens Door By Bob Dylan. This is a great song for learning basic strumming patterns and chord changes. There is a basic strumming pattern of Down Down Down Up…To get the right feel for the song, watch the video guitar lesson for the right rhythm and timing…

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three little birds chords

Three Little Birds Chords | How To Play Three Little Birds On Guitar

In this Bob Marley classic were going to learn three little birds chords, which had three chords in the song and is perfect for a beginner due to the speed and the ease of the chord changes. The strumming pattern is very basic using Down-Down-Down-Down-Down-Up…

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free fallin chords

Free Fallin Chords | How To Play Free Fallin On Guitar By Tom Petty

In this lesson were going to cover Tom Petty’s classic Free Fallin and this song is all about the strumming pattern, because the chords and the chord changes are repetitively easy. You really must watch the guitar lesson video to get a idea how the rhythm and timing goes…

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bad moon rising chords

Bad Moon Rising Chords | How To Play Bad Moon Rising By CCR

In this guitar lesson were going to cover a fantastic 60’s classic Bad Moon Rising by Creedance Clearwater Revival. This is the 3 chord trick type of song, but don’t let it foul you…The chord changes and the strumming patterns are fast so watch them…

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time of your life chords

Time Of Your Life Chords | How To Play Time Of Life By Green Day

In this lesson were going to cover a Green Day classic from the 90’s and that is Time Of Your Life. Although the original has a 2nd guitar part that highlights picking patterns we are just going to focus on the basic strumming pattern so we can change quickly from one chord to the next. The strumming pattern consists of Down-Down-Up- Up-Down-Up…

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