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7 Ultimate Guitar For Beginners Course - How To Play C Major On Guitar

Welcome back for lesson 8 - How To Play C Major On Guitar

In the last lesson we are leaving the hardest chord for the last and the most popular. The C Major chord is one of the most commonly chords used, and it used in all genres. The difficulty of this chord is down to the finger stretches, so make sure you warm up before attempting to play this chord.

Here is an overview of this chord:

  • Once you have warmed up and have performed all the other chords outlined in this guitar course. You are now ready to perform C Major. Again I’m going to suggest that you put your thumb of your left hand directly behind the 2nd fret of the guitar.
  • There are three fingers needed for C Major, your 1st finger your 2nd finger and finally your 3rd finger. Put your 1st finger on the 1st fret (B string) your 2nd finger on the 2nd fret (D string) and your 3rd finger on the 3rd fret (A string) using the finger tips to press down firmly.
  • As you’re pressing down the three fingers, each string should be touching the fingerboard of the guitar. Now to perform this chord effectively I want you to extend the wrist enough so that your fingers clear the strings.
  • When pressing down on the strings watch you’re not blocking any other strings especially the G string and high E string. Watch out for buzzing noises from the frets just like I suggested earlier in the course.
  • When performing C Major make sure you’re holding the pick correctly, and you pick each string separately and softly as you pick the 5 strings on the guitar.

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