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7 Ultimate Guitar For Beginners Course - How To Play G Major On Guitar

Welcome back for lesson 6 - How To Play A Major On Guitar

The 5th chord of the 7 ultimate guitar chords for beginners course is A Major and the one chord which goes by personal preference, you can play this chord with your 1 three fingers or your last three fingers...

But for chord changing purposes I'm going to show how to play A Major with your last three fingers:

  • I’m going to suggest that put your thumb of your left hand directly behind the 2nd fret of the guitar while performing this chord. This will enable you to press down on the strings more firmly and play the chord correctly.
  • Just like it says on the picture diagram for A Major I want you to put your 2nd finger on the 2nd fret, (D string) your 3rd finger on the 2nd fret (G string), and your 4th finger on the 2 fret (B string).
  • When performing the A Major chord, make sure your holding the pick correctly, and you pick each string separately and softly as you pick the 5 strings on the guitar.

Questions on Chords/lyrics? Leave a comment.

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