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7 Ultimate Guitar For Beginners Course - How To Play E Major On Guitar

Welcome back for lesson 3 - How To Play E Major On Guitar

This is the second chord you’re going to learn in this course, and used perfectly with A Major and its called E Major.

Here are some insights on how to perform the chord correctly:

  • To perform E Major correctly, perform the chord E minor first, using the instructions in the chord section in the last lesson.
  • The only difference between E minor and E major is one finger, add one finger to the chord of E minor by adding you’re 1st finger on the 1st fret (G string) you have E Major.
  • When performing the E Major chord, make sure your holding the pick correctly, and you pick each string separately and softly as you pick the 6 strings on the guitar.

Questions on Chords/lyrics? Leave a comment.

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