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7 Ultimate Guitar For Beginners Course - How To Read Colour-Coded Diagrams

Welcome back for lesson 2 - How To Read Colour-Coded-Chord-Diagrams...

To learn the basics on the guitar and most importantly to improve on the guitar,  it is vitally important that you know how learn how to read guitar music there are two main categorises for reading music on guitar they are :

  1. Guitar Tablature
  2. Chord Diagrams

Guitar Tablature is for more intermediate/advanced guitarists who have already grasped the basics of the guitar. They already know how to play the basic chords and your strumming is quite advanced, you want to know more. Learning guitar tablature is when you want to know how to play a song note-for-note...

Chord Diagrams is when you want to learn how to play a chord, your just not ready to learn guitar tablature. You just want to learn a song by using strumming patterns and you don't want to learn a song note-for-note.

In this lesson we are going to learn how get to this stage where you can learn any basic chord you want to learn on the guitar...

Questions on Chords/lyrics? Leave a comment.

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