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all i want chords

All I Want Chords | How To Play All I Want By Kodaline

In this lesson your going to learn All I Want by Kodaline, which was taken from there 2013 album “In A Perfect World” This a great song for improving and blending both open chords and barre chords…

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love story chords

Love Story Chords | How To Play Love Story By Taylor Swift

Learn Taylor smash hit Love Story taken from her 2008 Album “Fearless” A fantastic song to learn for strumming as well as improving barre chords, especially the B Minor and F Major chords…

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Im yours chords

Im Yours Chords | How To Play Im Yours By Jason Mraz

Learn Jason Mraz classic I’m Yours taken from his 2008 album “we sing-we dance-we steal things”. I’m yours received grammy award for song of the Year and grammy award for best male pop vocal performance…The chords are pretty straight forward- G major, E Minor, D Major, and C Major…

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dont look back in anger chords

Dont Look Back In Anger Chords | How To Play Dont Look Back In Anger By Oasis

Learn Oasis’s big anthem Dont Look Back In Anger taken from there 1995 album “Whats the story morning glory?” Some really tricky chords changes in this song especially with the pre-chorus where you have F Minor and Abdim chords so take care with them…

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havana chords

Havana Chords | How To Play Havana By Camila Cabello ft. Young Thug

Learn Havana chords by Camila Cabello ft.Young Thug just released on 2018 from the album Camila. The good news for this song is that it plays the same 3 chords over and over again, which E Minor, C Major and B7…

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hallelujah chords

Hallelujah Chords | How To Play Hallelujah By Jeff Buckley On Guitar

Learn Jeff Buckley’s classic version of Hallelujah on guitar, which is taken from his 1994 album grace. There is only 4 chords for hallelujah : C Major, A Minor, F Major, G Major and E7. Take care of the chords and the chord changes…

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cant help falling in love chords

Cant Help Falling In Love Chords | How To Play Cant Help Falling In Love By Elvis Presley

Learn classic Elvis Presley with his all time classic Can’t Help Falling In Love With You…There is 8 chords to get your hands into and it’s a fantastic song to improve your chords and chord changes.

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perfect chords

Perfect Chords | How To Play Perfect On Guitar By Ed Sheeran

Learn Perfect chords and lyrics by Ed Sheeran taken from his 2017 album Divine. The chords are pretty straight forward in G Major, D Major, E Minor and C Major although Take care with the strumming and the time signature which is a 6/8 (slow waltz)…

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sitting on the dock of the bay chords

Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay Chords | Otis Redding

In this lesson your going to learn Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay by Otis Redding. This song was originally recording in 1967 and is a classic for learning on the guitar…Just take care on the changes and the strumming pattern.

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this years love chords

This Years Love Chords | How To Play This Years Love By David Gray On Guitar

Performance Notes For This Years Love In this lesson your going to learn David Gray’s “This Years Love” taken from his album White Ladder…Even though this song is originally recorded on Piano it sounds great on guitar. This Years Love chords are based around 6/8 time signature so watch the strumming pattern and chords changes.…

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