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What Real People Are Saying About Us

Hi James, I am 59 years young and have just bought my first guitar two months ago ( Freshman Acoustic ). I have never played a guitar in my life before, and a work colleague put me on to your you tube lessons and I love them. The way that take your time to explain every step and go over again and again is exactly what a beginner like me appreciates. Keep up the good work James. Thanks and regards, Fred .


I have been going to James for six years now and in that time I have learnt so much. I always have a fun time at lessons and the time always flies by. James teaches me what I want to learn and always answers my frustrating questions. Learning guitar has opened up so many possibilities for me. It has boosted my confidence, allowed me to pursue music as a GCSE and to obtain good grades. Learning guitar was the best choice I ever made.


Hello James,, was doing some practice there and it was like a bolt of lightning hit me,,chords G,,Gsuss9.A,,D,,then back to G,and start the whole thing again...with the wee strumming pattern it all fell into place so easily THANKS...

Tony Abernethy

I really enjoy the way you teach. thank you for taking your time and not rushing through like so many other instructors do.

Steve Poulson

Thanks for learning my first guitar song :-) after half an hour i can play it without looking. Thank you for what you do.

Ján Haluška

Awesome instruction and classic approach. Best instruction teaching for this song I had found. I took right off with this full on lesson. Thank you soo much. God Bless

Curt E Hammell

Popular Guitar Lessons At Your Guitar Success

zombieApproaching nearly 40,000 views, learning how to play zombie on guitar by the cranberries is growing ever popular. This guitar lesson was recorded for a beginner who has no if any experience on guitar. If your just starting out and you want to learn a song that is quick and easy, learning how to play Zombie on the guitar should be your first protocol. To learn this song will take no more than 10 minutes of your time, and is the basis of James’s teaching’s, so grab your guitar and start learning.

whiskey in the jar chordsAssuming you’ve went already through the Ultimate Guitar Chords For Beginner’s Course (Which is 100%FREE) and your up to speed with your open chords. The next step would be too put it all to practice with this classic Thin Lizzy Song “Whiskey In The Jar”. James really wants to push your chord playing with this guitar lesson, especially if your new to the guitar or don’t have much experience, playing chords that may seem difficult at first, as well fast strumming patterns and chord changes.

blame it on me chordsNext is to try George Ezra’s popular song “Blame it on me”. This guitar lesson isnt really suited for the complete beginner, but if you can play your basic open chords well and are ready to push yourself a little further then you should try and have a go at this great pop song. Blame it on me covers the nutritiously difficult F Major chord, that all beginners hate to play. But if you want to be good on the guitar (And I know you do) it’s a chord you must learn, and this is a great song for improving your chords and strumming patterns.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

  • q-iconHow Long Will It Take Me To Learn The Guitar?

    I have been asked this question countless times, and the answer is always the same “A few months or the rest of your life” Guess what? Both answers would be true. Former and present students of mine have asked “How long did it take you to play the guitar?” To answer that question is simple: I never woke one morning and looked in the mirror and said to himself “I’ve made it! I’ve arrived, this is the day I’ve truly mastered the guitar…Read More>>>

  • q-iconWhat Size Of Guitar Should I Play?

    This is the most important step, choosing a guitar that’s right for your height, body shape and fingers. Buying a guitar that is either too small or too big for there body shape is a reason for many beginner guitarists giving up, which ultimately hindered there guitar lessons. Where as If they had gone and done a bit of research that was ideal for there body there guitar lessons would have ran a lot smoother…Read More>>>